November 5, 2015 | 15 comments:

REVIEW: COLOURPOP Lippie Stix in Brink

It’s here – my first makeup review post for this month! Finally, I purchased my first item from ColourPop. It’s been a while that I’ve noticed this brand. I believe the lippie stix of ColourPop are already available here in Philippines through online shops. And just last month, while checking out the online shop @cebumakeuponline, I was hooked on the newly delivered shades of ColourPop lippie stix. There are lots of shades available and everything was pretty!  But then, thinking about how tight my budget was, I only have to buy one. So from all the shades I’ve been eyeing, I got my first ColourPop Lippie Stix in Brink

October 24, 2015 | 6 comments:

Finally Back to Blogging!

Yes, the title says it all! I am officially BACK to blogging. Dainty Chic has been so quite for over a year now. Surely, it is a major hiatus ever. I am regretful but we've hit that time where blogging just doesn't seem like a priority anymore, I was too busy with other things, and without noticing it, my blog is already neglected. Needless to say any other reasons, but I miss blogging so much. I do read blogs again. I have time checking on some interesting posts and from there, I remember that I have my own blog and it seems somebody is telling me to be back. I love blogging and writing stuffs. So, here I am putting this site alive again. Yay!

I've been working on redesigning this website, there's no major changes made but I did tweak a little bit. This blog is now back as It's Dainty Chic! I hope you guys like it. And I hope to know you reading again on my upcoming posts.

Have a good weekend everyone!
July 1, 2014 | 24 comments:


Hooray for July! Time flies really fast that we are already in the 7th month of the year. Five more to go and year 2014 will bid goodbye. Yay! Okay okay, before I will talk too much about the upcoming goodbyes I'd like to welcome July in an amazing way. And of course it's gonna be all for you my chicas! Drum rolls please!! :D

June 16, 2014 | 2 comments:


Hello everyone! Summer has come to its end here in Philippines and the rainy season is already starting. But it was indeed the best summer ever! I had a blast during my vacation last month which I'd be sharing to you all the soonest. Woot!! :D
 Anyways, we are now in the 3rd week of June and all I can say is time flies pretty fast! Don't you think? Well, as to kick off this second half of the year, I have decided to have a monthly favorites. This is new here in Dainty Chic so I hope you like it. Truth is, I get inspired by the YouTubers I love namely Bethany Mota and Jenn Im of clothesencounters. Little shout out for both of them! They're my favorites! :D

So basically, I'd be sharing all the things I love from the previous month that can be a beauty product, a clothing, a movie, a book and etc. I would include my honest reviews too for what I love or hate about it basing on my experiences with it. Now, let's get started for the month of May shall we?

Solid Basic Cami
Last month, I got a chance to check out the first AĆ©ropostale branch here in Cebu which is located at Ayala Center Cebu and this is what I got for myself. The store has a lot of color savailable for these but I opted for white and this warm pink one. The material of these basic camis is thick and very soft which I love most about it.Also, it has something an inner bandeau that is very useful for your chest area. If you want that no one can peek, this is what you need. And now guys here's the best thing about this, I bought this in a very much discounted price. I only got this for 295php each! Originally the price is 795php, it's such a steal! *happy kid dancing*

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