December 19, 2012

As being inspired by a lot of blogs I follow and read everyday, I am launching my own (Tehehe!). Not to copy but to share as well my randomness to everyone. Why not? Scary though 'cause maybe no one can notice this but fingers-crossed (and it's okay this is a personal blog naman! ^_*)

Last December 2 was the first birthday of my nephew Baby Matthew. His the son of my eldest sister and we celebrated his awesome birthday party at Royal Concourse Cebu. Everyone had a blast, all the kids had fun with all the games and the prizes. Even the old ones had joined some of the games too! Sharing you some of the photos below.

Photo credits: James Arnold

The Birthday Cake! YUM!

Birthday BOY! <3

                                                  My pretty cousin Mariel! <3

                                There's the little one! He surely had fun look at the face.

Me and my sister ^_^



And here's ME! At last had a solo pic of all the craziness of my aunts and cousins. I'm wearing this cutie dress bought from SM Cebu. Isn't it nice? It's my first time to have a dotted dress and the color is refreshing.

Dainty Chic by Loila L.

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