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February 18, 2013

Hello everyone!It's been a while since my last post that was last Monday. :) Lame but I was so busy the whole week at work. Anyways, here's me now! :D

How was your Sunday? Mine was totally fun fun fun! Yep, we had a family getaway yesterday with the whole family (uncle, auntie,cousins,nephew, and plus ones!) :D. It was a partly crazy day. We traveled for almost an hour and 30 minutes to our first venue, the Cordova Home Village. But sadly, the corkage of the food was just too expensive! The staffs are not that friendly too! The place was nice though.I grabbed then the chance on taking pics. Haha! We moved to Villa Asela which is much cheaper and the staffs are way opposite on the first one, the place is nice too! (but I forgot to take a pic on their entrance :( ).

                                                     Here's tweety looking so cute! :D
Since I know we need to travel for hours before reaching to our venue, I wore something simple and comfy that day. I like my galaxy top! It's very light and comfortable to wear. What do you think?

More than anything else for this day, this was a celebration for my Uncle who for 8 years of being far from us, he came back! We missed him so much!He lived in Manila and worked in Qatar yet finally he came home. This was a great day! GOOD TIMES!

Me and my uncle! He lifted me so that I can seat on this creature! :D (I'm vertically-challenged I know :P)
What a face! Scarrryyyy tiger!LOL..
Outfit details: 
Galaxy top: Shopaholic! 
Shorts: dollhouse
Accessories: sister's gifts 

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ZING: Hotel Transylvania

February 11, 2013

Hello lovelies! How was your weekend? Mine was totally fine. It was actually a lazy weekend! :D Just pampered myself with tv series updates and movies with boyfie! (Hihi)

Actually, Saturday was the tv series day while Sunday was the movie day. And, I can't help myself but share it to you guys. I really had fun watching Hotel Transylvania! (Yeah yeah I know I'm quite late about this movie but hey busy person here :P)

Hotel Transylvania was released last year and it's a computer-animated comedy film by Sony Pictures Animation. As for me, it was quite heart-warming. I got touched by how a father will do anything to protect his only child even he had to break her trust.  The film is a story of Dracula (you heard it right!), the owner of Hotel Transylvania. It is the only hotel for world's monsters to take a rest from human civilization. Dracula created this mainly to keep his daughter safe, Mavis. Dracula invited his friends over for the celebration of Mavis' 118th birthday, including Frankenstein's monster, Mummy, a Werewolf family, and the Invisible Man. Awesome right? Yeah, monsters! However, everything has changed when an unexpected visitor came, an ordinary 21-year-old traveler named Jonathan. I still can imagine how panicked Dracula was. Since Jonathan is a human! :D

It did not bore me even a bit, I really had fun! Music, comedy, and drama was put together. And honestly, I almost cried on this. That's how emotional I am when I watch movies like this! 

Anyhow, the movie was not complete without a love story. Ahh, young love! Mavis got in love to Jonathan. She believed they ZINGED the time they first met.

THEY ZINGED!  Yep, you heard it right.

Wondering what I am talking about? But, if you read the texts on the pics. You will get it!

 Well, ZING only happens once in your life. It's like SPARKS! Like, you and him sparked right the first met.   :)  Like, it's . . . .

                                                                        TRUE LOVE ! ! ♥ ♥ 

                                                   "Your Zing will come once in your life, cherish it"

Now, Mavis have found her Zing. How about you? Who's your ZING? (wink)

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This Valentine's Day

February 8, 2013

(Photos: Loila on

VALENTINE'S DAY is fast approaching! And everyone is excited! Love really is in the air.
Have you planned something for this coming February 14? Worried about what to give as a gift to your special someone?

Oh well, Valentine's Day is not all about having an impressive dinner and gifts that you need to spend a lot of money. A simple gesture can be so romantic already. Why not make a simple card and surprise the one you love? Personalized cards would be perfect! It will not cost that much and it's easy to make one. You may want to use the quotes above or make use of your own fine words to express your love. Remember, words can melt ones heart! :) In fact, if my boyfriend would make one for me, I will be on my happiest! Haha! /blush

But more than anything else, all you need to do is find time to spend the day with your special one, family, or friends and everything will be perfect!

Anyways, this is just a quick post 'cause I'm still at work. :D I'm wishing you all a
                                H A P P Y  V A L E N T I N E ' S  D A Y !

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The Vampire Diaries

February 2, 2013

Another TV series post! Who's not a fan of The Vampire Diaries or who have never heard people talking about this? Hmm, if you are I guess your missing something so much worth watching! Very superlative indeed. 'Cause I'm really a fan of this series, a bloody series!. :D

The Vampire Diaries is about of two vampire brothers who fall in love with the same girl, Elena Gilbert. She is from a small town full of supernatural secrets, Mystic Falls, Virginia. Stefan and Damon returned to their hometown with different reasons,Stefan is to get to know more about Elena who is by the way a great resemblance to someone the brothers special person, Katherine Pierce. On the other hand, Damon has a purpose of releasing Katherine from a tomb where he believed trapped by a witch magic. Vampires, wolves, witches, and hybrids are part of the story. This is totally a bloody series guys! However, you can also get in love and betrayed here.

Now, who are on team DELENA? How about on team STELENA? Haha! Because me is forever a fan of Damon and Elena! :D I just like Damon's personality and his ways on showing his affection to Elena. Aside from his a real hottie! Ooopsy! (Seems like the real reason! Tahaha).

I love the dress of Nina here! 

(Photo source:

The main casts are Nina Dobrev as Elena Gilbert/Katherine Pierce, Paul Wesley as Stefan Salvatore, and Ian Somerhalder as Damon Salvatore. And by the way, Ian and Nina are LOVERS in real life. Isn't it nice? They're perfect! :D

Anyways, TVD is now on Season 4. And seriously I never missed an episode. For those who haven't watch it yet, better starts now. You'll enjoy it! :) Oh. there's a lot more to say about this but I'm living it to you guys.

Sharing you now the latest episode lovelies!

Video source:

What do you think? More TV series post coming soon!

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Heart Tea Milk Tea

February 1, 2013

Heart Tea is what my workmates bring almost every night after dinner. It intrigues me because they said it's good. That's why, I went with them and bought my first Heart Tea Milk Tea in Tapioca flavor. :) Surprisingly, it is in less bitter flavor! I am not a milk tea drinker and I just tried it recently. Shame! 'Cause it's really good and I'm loving it now.

Source: Heart Tea Facebook page
Heart Tea Milk Tea has a small kiosk beside Krispy Kreme and in front of Body & Sole in Cebu IT Park Lahug. The prices are affordable ranges in 50 - 100 pesos. For just 50 pesos, I had my Tapioca Milk Tea. Isn't it awesome? And, I am going to try another flavor soon! They're just few steps away from my work place so easy to buy one!!

                        Presenting my Tapioca Milk Tea! I love my name and the heart there! :D

And, good news for everyone in this love season. Oh Valentines! Heart Tea has a Valentine's Treat guys. You can get a free Tapioca add-on for every purchase of any Large Heart Tea. This is from February 1-15 only. I will surely avail this before it ends!

Source: Heart Tea Facebook page

You can check out Heart Tea Milk Tea's Facebook and twitter accounts.

For what I know, Heart Tea Milk Tea can also be found in Cebu Doctor's University and Convergys Banawa.  :)

Who's a milk tea lover now ? THANK YOU EVERYONE!

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