Heart Tea Milk Tea

February 1, 2013

Heart Tea is what my workmates bring almost every night after dinner. It intrigues me because they said it's good. That's why, I went with them and bought my first Heart Tea Milk Tea in Tapioca flavor. :) Surprisingly, it is in less bitter flavor! I am not a milk tea drinker and I just tried it recently. Shame! 'Cause it's really good and I'm loving it now.

Source: Heart Tea Facebook page
Heart Tea Milk Tea has a small kiosk beside Krispy Kreme and in front of Body & Sole in Cebu IT Park Lahug. The prices are affordable ranges in 50 - 100 pesos. For just 50 pesos, I had my Tapioca Milk Tea. Isn't it awesome? And, I am going to try another flavor soon! They're just few steps away from my work place so easy to buy one!!

                        Presenting my Tapioca Milk Tea! I love my name and the heart there! :D

And, good news for everyone in this love season. Oh Valentines! Heart Tea has a Valentine's Treat guys. You can get a free Tapioca add-on for every purchase of any Large Heart Tea. This is from February 1-15 only. I will surely avail this before it ends!

Source: Heart Tea Facebook page

You can check out Heart Tea Milk Tea's Facebook and twitter accounts.

For what I know, Heart Tea Milk Tea can also be found in Cebu Doctor's University and Convergys Banawa.  :)

Who's a milk tea lover now ? THANK YOU EVERYONE!

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  1. That looks uber yum! Followed you back, dearest <3

    XO, Michi

  2. I love love love milk tea too!

    I love your blog! I really enjoyed reading your blog. Specially the photos! They're so artistic, creative, clear and detailed! I just followed you on GFC and BlogLovin'. Maybe you can visit my blog and follow too? :) Can't wait to read more posts from you! Thank you and more power to you ♥


    1. Aww, how sweet of you! Thank you so much sabs. Would love to follow you. Checking your blog now.

      Hope my blog will be successful as yours. :)


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