REVIEW: Avon Totally Kissable Lipstick in Make Out Red

March 5, 2013

As I'm no longer busy at work today, I was thinking awhile ago why not to have my first beauty product review. *wink* Yeah, you heard it right this is my first review post. So, I hope it would be helpful to you guys.! :D

Anyways, what I have today is my review on my new Avon Lipstick. For the month of February, Avon had launched their new line of lipsticks, the Totally Kissable Lipsticks.

I found it last week when my workmate brought her sister's Avon brochure. I was intrigued by these lipstick and it was more enticing because of the lipstick model! Haha. Do you know Anne Curtis? Have you seen the TVC for this? :D There are 10 shades and I ordered one in a shade of Make Out Red that stood out on my eyes.I love its color and its very eye catching. 

I'm not that lippy-person since in my daily life I only use a lip balm and for that I'm always good to go. I only use lipstick occasionally and when I'm in the mood. Haha!  But having this I might always do wear lipstick now. :D

I'm happy having this new shade 'cause I feel like it's perfect for my skin-tone.What I find interesting on this shade is its subtle shade of pink and not a spot-on red. It's very wearable and moisturizes your lips making it looks fuller, livelier, and smoother. It can add something in your aura!

One swipe on this is perfect for me already. However, if you want to have more of the color you can swipe and swipe until you achieve your desired amount of color or the one that matches your look of the day.

Here's me, the color is more of pinkish here since I only applied a few and also may be of the lighting when I took this pic.
Me with and without the lipstick

*Excuse me for these last two set of photos, I had a hard time taking it myself. :)

  • Very pigmented
  • Easy to apply
  • Does not make the lips dry or cracked
  • Moisturizes the lips
  • Make lips fuller, livelier, and smoother
  • Price is affordable
  • Considerable staying power, 4-5 hours
  • Sweet scent
  • Price but reasonable. Worth it!

Overall, considering on the pros, I love my new lipstick! :D During the eating and drinking it's not that bad at all. I'm also planning to wear it in 2-3 swipes or more during special occasions to pop out its redness. I'd give it a rating of 4.7 out of 5.

And before I forgot, I had a free Avon powder when I bought this lip shade. I got a chance to grab their promo of the month. Woot woot! Will do a review on this soon. ^_^. You can visit Avon Philippines on Facebook to get more information of these new lipsticks.

What do you think? I hope you find it interesting. Please don't forget to drop a comment below for any opinion you have. Let's keep sharing. Till on my next review post!

Dainty Chic by Loila L.


  1. The comment box seems having hard time to
    Anyway, great lipstick.. I haven't tried Avon products though... but I think I should look for this and try it on.

    1. Aw, I see! hehe. Thank you Aintzane. ^_^

  2. I love those colours! And you look fabulous in them. xx

    1. Thank you so much Lisa! I love the color too. <3

  3. Hi hun that's a lovely colour it looks really nice on you! ^_^ you should wear lipstick more often it suits you :D great first review well done! Big hugs <3 #gigbloggers <3

    1. AW, thank you so much miss Liss! How sweet of you. And yes I will I'm loving this lipstick a lot. :D Kisses! #gigbloggers <3 <3

  4. I love this lippie! ^_^ Anne Curtis Smith is the endorser of this lippie right? :) Great post hun :) love from GIG ♥

  5. the color is so pretty <3 really suits you :)

  6. will try this out! Followed you back on blog lovin #gigbloggers

    1. Hope you'll like it. Thank you! #gigbloggers <3

  7. Ooooh, that shade looks like something I would end up liking! Haven't tried these Avon lippies yet.

    1. So far I'm liking this lippy! Hope you'll try. :)

  8. Love the color♥ is so lovely!

  9. It looks so good on you! <3 #gig


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