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March 11, 2013

Looking for fabulous and sassy dresses? How about bags, wallets, and accessories? Let me share with you guys an online shop that can provide you these beautiful stuffs. Introducing to you, the Fab Sassy Closet! :)

Fab Sassy Closet is an online shop owned by my friend, Yane.They sell fashionable, fabulous and sassy dresses, bags and accessories for pre-orders. Lovely LBD's, maxi/minni dress, trousers, tops, and skirts are available in their shop. Isn't it perfect for all the fashionistas out there?

They accept orders within the Philippines shipment is free of charge and with shipping charges if outside the country. Shipment fee will be shouldered by the buyer but it will be worth it! Now here are some of the items that I would love to buy:

Don't you like this bag?

Love this top! :)

*Images are from Fab Sassy Closet

My hand is itching to have those especially the green bag (I need to SAVE! :D ). They have other items available in their page,too. Reselling of their items is allowed, this is for some business minded out there. You can check out their page what are the terms and conditions for their buyers and resellers. Feel free to VISIT and LIKE Fab Sassy Closet for more details and items to choose from.  Enjoy your shopping lovelies! ^_^

Dainty Chic by Loila L.

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  1. I like their collections! Let me check their page. Thanks for sharing! :)


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