April Shopping Haul : Clothing, Shoes, Cosmetics, Earrings, Nail Care

April 10, 2013

Hi gorgeous! My apologies for my long absence here in my blog. I admit I wasn't able to post anything as I got too busy at work and on some other things. But hey, I'm back! How are you guys doing?

This shopping haul would be my first post for this month. And after many months of depriving myself into shopping, I finally bought some things for myself just last week. Tahaha! I'm not posting this just to brag or what but I wanted to share the things or products that caught my eyes that you guys might already have or you might like to buy the same too. Feel free to share your thoughts after reading this post. :)

  • Betty Top (P599.75) - I so love this top from SM GTW. I wore this last Friday during my cousin's graduation. Aren't those flower details lovely? :)
  • Shopaholic Black Skirt (P549.75)- Paired it with my new top above. I really planned my outfit for that day. Haha! And I bought this also because I can wear it at work. :D
  •  Top (P299.75) - from Surplus SM 
  • Rusty Lopez Black Loafers (P404.77) - Got this with 10% discount on kids section. Yah yah, I have a small feet. I'm only size 32 (33 on some shoes I don't know why!). :P Regular price is P449.75.
  • Cuticle Tint with Sanitizer - Used this for my nails. 
  • Rain Regular Lush Nail polish - I like this nail color.
  • Color Trends Nail polish - Bought this with free nail scraper
  • Nail Polish Remover
  • Nail pusher
  • Set of earrings (detailed pic below)
Sadly, I wasn't able to take note the prices of the items above. The receipt has been thrown away.

  • New Fashion Earrings (P99.95) - I find this set of earrings lovely and perfect to wear every day.

  • Pair of Hair Clip - This is so cute and I wore it during my cousin's graduation.I forgot the price too. :(

So, that's my haul guys I bought what I need! I am happy and contented with these items. :D Do you have the same? What do you think?
 Please don't forget to drop a comment below. Let's keep sharing. Till on my next haul post. Tata!

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  1. Those are really nice picks! Love the flats! :)

    xx Daphne of http://daphnebenosa.com

    1. thank you Daph! I love the flats too! ^^,

  2. Aww really cute things you got! This top looks really adorable and the loafers are cool! Shining bright like a diamond, haha.

    ♥ Maho


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