LookChem Gift: Blue and White Porcelain Pen + Bookmark Suit

May 14, 2013

Being a newbie in the blogging world, it's quite heart-warming when someone notices your blog. This means really good, right? I feel kilig!:D In fact, I envy but inspired as well by those blogs that already have a lot of sponsors and created a strong relationship with their readers. I am hopeful that someday I can achieve the same. Why not? Tehehe!

Anyways, LookChem is the first company that contacted me for a partnership. At first, I can't still believe but, hello there I am thankful for they've noticed my humble blog. For the first time I received an email requesting for a partnership. Isn't it nice?I already noticed their company logo from other blogs that I follow that's why I did not hesitate accepting their request because I know this is not a fraud. I suggest that before accepting any request, do a research about the company and check out other blogs that they have partnered too, for the reason that we should be cautious in dealing things over the internet. Do you agree with me? :)

LookChem is a known marketplace of chemical products. A place for you to Look for Chemicals! This is based in Hangzhou, the China's Capital City of E-commerce. To know more about, you can visit their site http://www.lookchem.com/ .

As an appreciation of accepting the request, they sent me this beautiful gift, a Blue and White Porcelain Pen and a Bookmark Suit. I love the box though I don't quite understand the Chinese characters on it! :D Do you know what is says?

So here's the pen and the bookmark suit. Very lovely! Love the color combination on the pen and the suit. Both look so elegant! :D

Above is the suit which I'm not sure how to use it! Hahaha! But it's okay 'cause I will not use the pen and this one anyway. I will just keep it. Amazing keepsake right? Happy to have something like these. The designs really convey a strong Chinese cultural connotation. So thank you LookChem! :)

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  1. I received mine yesterday. You're right too! It feels good one someone notices your blog. It's inspiring and challenging to do more good on your blogs for others to be inspired. God bless and more power! Always my support

    1. Aw, that's nice! Indeed, very inspiring and flattering. I feel really grateful 'coz I'm a newbie. :)

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