REVIEW: Maybelline Baby Lips Color Lip Balm in Pink Lolita

July 21, 2013

As I have promised here, I am having my review on my new purchased Maybelline Baby Lips Color lip balm, the  Pink Lolita that I've got just last week. I have tested and used it already for a week and so far it's worth the purchase. Wanna know why? Let us find out below.

Maybelline New York Baby Lips Color Pink Lolita lip balm's Product Descriptions/Claims/Ingredients/Tagline as found in the package.

Price: Php89.00
Quantity:  4.5g
Directions on how to use: 
Turn the base 1-2 times for usage. Re-apply when lips are exposed to strong sun, wind or cold for maximum protection.
Glide this into a clean lips to keep your lips moisturized. As for me, I also use this before applying any lipstick. I like the feeling that my lips are moisturized already before the application of a lipstick.
The lip balm is firmly packed in a cute pink twist tube like as what we have commonly seen on other lip balms. Quite enticing because of how girly it looks and it is also secured as signed by a simple tick when you put the cover on the tube.

For the photos below, I swiped the lip balm three times in my hand and you can definitely see the pink shade. A 2-3 swipes are good to go already. It achieves it's goal on making your lips shiny (not too much!), livelier, and moisturized.

A spill of water does not damaged the shade on my hand as shown above. And based to my usage, it will last for an approximately 1 1/2 to 2 hours with a light drinking and eating. 

As the lip balm is 4.5g and an approximately 4cm in length is reasonable enough for the price. It's price is quite affordable.

I am not expecting this but I have found a defect on the piece that I have purchased. Upon getting the full length of the balm inside the tube, I encountered a hole.I was a bit disappointed with this.However, this doesn't mean that all of the lip balms in stores are already defected like this. I may be just picked the wrong piece. I can't say the exact reason for this though. Manufacturing maybe? Or other factors? What do you think?

Anyways, below is my final verdict for this product.

  • Secured and travel-friendly packaging
  • Affordable price 
  • Glides on the lips smoothly
  • 7 shades available from the Baby Lips Color Lip Balm line
  • Sweet scent and not overpowering
  • Moisturizes the lips
  • Reasonable quality in weight and length against the price
  • Considerable staying power
  •  Found a defect
  • - ♥ (4/5)
    I am satisfied with my purchase basing on the quality and the price of this lip balm. It's very affordable and it meets what I need for an everyday use lip balm.
  • YES! Would repurchase this affordable lip balm. I may try the other shades available too. :) 
Those are my thoughts on this product. I hope you like it and you find it interesting. Please don't hesitate to drop a comment below for any thoughts you have. I would love to hear it from you lovelies. Let's keep sharing. Till on my next review post!

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Weekend Haul: Personal Care and DIY Materials

July 15, 2013

Yesterday, I had a movie date with le boyf at SM City Cebu. Yes, it was a fun fun movie watching! 'Cause we were able to watch not just one but two movies. You heard it right, we had a movie marathon! Haha! But I'll tell you more about it in a separate post. *wink*

Anyway, moving on to my haul, I bought some DIY materials in National Bookstore. This is in preparation to my DIY project that I'll be doing within the week. There's so much DIY plans I have in mind guys. Hopefully, it will pursue! :) 

This Scrapbooking Puff Laser Stickers is worth Php19.75 pesos only and I find it really cute. Love is there! Can you spot the words? Lol. 

I also bought a two rolls of Gift Wrappers in hot pink. One is in printed flowers and the other one is plain pink only(rolled under the printed flowers). I got these Php19.75. I love pink! :D 

Stick-ee White Glue in 40ml worth Php14.75, Hot Melt Glue (6pcs) Php20.25, and the Scissors is Php18.00.

Above is the Simply Handmade Cord which is Php18.50/pack with 3 rolls and color combination, and the other one is the Scrap book Accessories Flower Stickers worth Php21.75. All in all, I spent Php152.50 only for all these materials. Oh by the way, as you can see on the first photo in this post there's a pack of balloon there, I actually got it for my nephew. :)

I also got some personal stuffs for my daily use. I bought the following in Watsons:

  • Johnson's Baby Bath Milk (200ml) worth Php61.00. Yes, this is what I use! #kungmakababywagasnoh :D.  
  • Nivea Extra Whitening Body Milk Lotion in 125ml (Php139.00)  - I love this lotion and it has a sweet smell. 
  • Pond's Perfect Care (Php144.75) - I have been using this since I was 4th year high school. 
  • Maybelline Baby Lips Color Lip Balm (Php89.00) - This is a new stuff for me.
I had this lip balm in Pink Lolita. I bought this as an addition to my Avon Simply Pretty (review here) and I just want to try something new because ever since I only use an Avon lip balm. I haven't tried it yet, but I think it's worth the purchase. I will make a review on this lip balm soon. I like Maybelline products actually. My pure blush mineral, face powder, and a lipstick are from them and so far I'm happy. :)

P.S: I'm not posting this to brag or what but I just wanted to share the things or products that you guys might wanna buy the same too. Or if you already have, you might wanna share your thoughts below! :)

So, that's my haul guys and I only bought what I need! Till on my next haul post. Tata!

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Avon Fashions Intimate Apparel Winner

 Last June 19, I joined Avon Philippines Facebook giveaway and luckily I won and the prize is an Avon Fashions Brassiere. All I did was the creation of my own Avon cover using my best photo and answered why Avon Fashions Intimate Apparel is perfect for my daily outfit. Easy right? :)

This is my winning entry. What do you think?

Most of my undergarments are from Avon actually. I was once an Avon Lady way back in my college days but I stopped when I started working in the industry. But ever since, I still use and purchase Avon items. I like their brassieres in a reason that the straps do not loose easily and I love how they fit on me, not too much cookies also! I don't like a bra that has too much foam 'cause I don't like the feeling of it wearing that make my babies seems too big! Lol. No offense here.You know, I'm a petite girl and I kinda feel awkward having a bigger front. I'm happy with my size. :D And I'm a happy customer with my purchased brassieres from Avon because it gives my babies enough lift and support. Very comfortable to wear!

Okay too much talking. My prize arrived last Sunday and I'm sharing a sneak-peek of it below.

Inside the parcel is my new Avon Fashions Lizbeth Brassiere in size 32A. It fits me perfectly and I love the black/burgundy color combination. Don't you like it too? 

The lace design! This is what I love the most in this brassiere. I'm such a lover of lace guys! I feel so girly whenever I wear clothes with lace. It somehow adds the feeling of sexiness! :D

 The details are very pretty and this single bead in the center adds an extra cuteness! :)

Thank you so much Avon Philippines for this stylish and very sexy prize! 

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Postponed Despicable Me

July 6, 2013

Despicable Me 2 is now showing and everyone is rushing to cinemas, including me! Sadly, yesterday when I got to SM City Cebu there was a major long line in the ticket counter, dang! Le boyf and I actually planned to spend our monthsary watching this movie but since the le boyf was not in mood already (because they lost in a basketball game + of me being late :D + the long line) we decided not to watch, hence the title. Oh well, may be next week we will and I'll be early. LOL! We just had our dinner and went home early.

Now this is me, having my shots in my room and let le boyf take the pictures.Goodness he said yes! Imagine him being mad and asked to take pictures, silly me? :) Later on, he was no longer mad and in fact he made fun of me while taking the shots! Hmp, but it's okay since I am the one asking a favor. Tehehe!

Top: Artwork | Short: sister's gift | Shoes: Rusty Lopez | Necklace: Aunt's | 
 Belt: MACO (I think, sorry I'm not 100% sure :) | Watch: Casio
I opted for the simple yet comfortable outfit matched with a flat shoes.

I actually wore a jacket because I was thinking I'd be freezing in the cinema. Jacket is thrifted.

Excuse me for the outlet! Haha. 

I really love the leaf design of the belt, isn't it nice? :) 

So, that's my simple look. What do you think?

Don't forget to join my OASAP July Leggings Giveaway lovelies and have a great day! :)

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OASAP July Leggings Giveaway (CLOSED)

July 4, 2013

Hello lovelies! How are you doing so far? It's almost weekend and I'm sure everyone is pretty excited, right? :) Speaking of excited, I have something exciting for all of you guys! After my long blog hiatus, it's time to get back. Woot woot! So, let us celebrate! :D

This is my first time to host a giveaway and I'm a happy kid because of this giveaway sponsor. OASAP is a global online shop dedicated to high-street fashion by offering a number of choices in terms of women's apparel, bags, shoes, jewellery, accessories, and many more. This is perfect for all the fashionistas around the world. 

ONE LUCK WINNER will have the chance to win a leggings from them. See the pieces of leggings in the picture above. Below are the links of the pieces,check them out and you might wanna visit also other awesome OASAP items. 

Here are the easy steps to win the prize:
1. Register at
2. Follow OASAP official accounts (at least 2)
 3. Follow me on Facebook and Twitter
 4. Tweet this, "I want to win a leggings from at  #DaintyChicOasapGiveaway" and don't forget to tag @aliolTriple and @OASAP. 
 5. Leave a comment below with your name, twitter username and email address you use in signing up at OASAP website. 

This giveaway will run from July 5th to July 15th only. At least 60 participants needed for this giveaway. So, good luck and share this giveaway to your friends! Winner will be announced on my twitter account. :)

Note: Make sure the shipping address you used upon signing in OASAP is correct 'cause you might win. :)

Visit for more awesome items!

UPDATE (07/16/2013): Congratulations to Ms. Tricia Aguinaldo for winning this giveaway. And, thank you everyone for joining! 'Till on my next giveaway. :)

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