Avon Fashions Intimate Apparel Winner

July 15, 2013

 Last June 19, I joined Avon Philippines Facebook giveaway and luckily I won and the prize is an Avon Fashions Brassiere. All I did was the creation of my own Avon cover using my best photo and answered why Avon Fashions Intimate Apparel is perfect for my daily outfit. Easy right? :)

This is my winning entry. What do you think?

Most of my undergarments are from Avon actually. I was once an Avon Lady way back in my college days but I stopped when I started working in the industry. But ever since, I still use and purchase Avon items. I like their brassieres in a reason that the straps do not loose easily and I love how they fit on me, not too much cookies also! I don't like a bra that has too much foam 'cause I don't like the feeling of it wearing that make my babies seems too big! Lol. No offense here.You know, I'm a petite girl and I kinda feel awkward having a bigger front. I'm happy with my size. :D And I'm a happy customer with my purchased brassieres from Avon because it gives my babies enough lift and support. Very comfortable to wear!

Okay too much talking. My prize arrived last Sunday and I'm sharing a sneak-peek of it below.

Inside the parcel is my new Avon Fashions Lizbeth Brassiere in size 32A. It fits me perfectly and I love the black/burgundy color combination. Don't you like it too? 

The lace design! This is what I love the most in this brassiere. I'm such a lover of lace guys! I feel so girly whenever I wear clothes with lace. It somehow adds the feeling of sexiness! :D

 The details are very pretty and this single bead in the center adds an extra cuteness! :)

Thank you so much Avon Philippines for this stylish and very sexy prize! 

Dainty Chic by Loila L.

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