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October 1, 2013

Have you guys seen my last post about Persunmall? If not, you can read it here wherein I was able to introduce and show you my favorite items on their shop. Speaking of favorite items, I already said that I still can find some good items in this fashionable online shop and boy I did! Drooling now. :D

I am pretty in love with the BEST SELLERS! Now, I'd like to share it with you. Persunmall has just so many hot items! How I really wish I can buy them all.

This is the first item that caught my eyes today. Basically, I like this La Favorita Suede Sandal Black
 because of its style and the straps.I really wanted shoes like this because it looks really sexy and you can pair a lot of pieces with it. This very low cut sandal with stiletto heel in black is very classic. One thing also why I like this is, it is in advantage to those who have small feet like me. If you just know, I have my small feet which makes me having a hard time finding my size. Luckily, this would still be perfect even the smallest size will not exactly fit because it has those lovely straps that can hold on and it wouldn't be too obvious that it is bigger than your size. Your feet would be covered! Quite a trick right? I am sure, many can agree with me on this. :)

Currently, I don't have an ethnic style shirt yet and I'd love to have one. This Retro Ethnic Style Totem Pattern Shirt is perfect! I love those golden prints and the color combination is just lovely. I can imagine how this is so good when paired with shorts or jeans and a pretty pumps. I think when you wear this, it is better to tie up your hair and wear something sexy earrings. You shouldn't miss to display the details perfectly.

  Isn't this shirt looks refreshing? I find this Zipper Back Detailed Pattern Chiffon Shirt  looks super cute and lively. The bright colors and its prints are what I love on this. Bright colors can make you look young and bring good vibes. The style is simple but the prints make it standout. I am pretty sure this chiffon shirt is comfortable to wear and I love the prints really. Oh those butterfly! So girly. :)

Tell me that you find this really cute!! I love it. Haha! At first glance, you could directly think of a cow but yeah that is what makes it cute. Cow Color Cotton Shorts as its name! and I want this in my closet. I love wearing shorts. This looks so comfy to wear in malls. As for me, this would be perfect when paired with a muscle tee or a sexy whit top and then sandals. You can simply style this for a one lazy and fun day. :)

Obmre Flower Print Chiffon Shirt looks to dainty with those floral prints. Feels like I am trying to pack up some printed shirts. Haven't you noticed? Haha!This one is pretty too. Chiffon shirts are just comfortable to wear like this one. I'd like to pair it with a skater skirt or a dainty shorts. How about you? :)

This Exquisite V-Neck Jacquard Dress is a beauty. The pattern of this dress may not too obvious on the picture but it has an interesting and an intricate pattern. This would be perfect for special occasions and I'd love to pair it with a sexy heels. There are some color available. The black and red looks so pretty too. You can choose what color that would suits you. I not wondering why this is one their best sellers. You like it? 

What do you think? I hope you like them. Watch out for more top sellers soon! 

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  1. those cow print shorts are so original, I really like them!!
    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming


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