Photodiary: Singapore Day 2-3

December 31, 2013

 As promised here's the continuation of the photodiary of my Singapore trip last November. It is already for the second day and the third day guys. I decided to combine this as to cope up with these backlogs. :D Anyways, we've spent our second day in Board Walk Sentosa and Universal Studios the whole day. We went crazy with all the riding and running there but still it was super fun. It was the highlight of our trip and it really was a wonderful experience. We felt like a kid again! I think the best ride there is the Transformers Ride and Revenge of the Mummy. You should try the Jurassic Park as well. Super intense and I was like crying a bit after riding the Mummy. I did all that closing of my eyes and gripping so hard! That was crazy but mind me it was great and it was such my big achievement. LOL! Transformers is the best also. With all that effects, it was like we were part of the movie. For the Jurassic Park, we got wet! Haha! We were shocked! Super fun indeed. :D 

Then, for the third day the main activity we had is trying out the Singapore Flyer and then went back to Ion Orchard for shopping. We then headed to the airport and then back to reality. So far, it was the best travel I had for the year 2013. Truly worth the time and money. I really want to go back there and hopefully in God's will. :) So, I hope you'll enjoy my photodiary. Sorry, I'll be flooding this post with lots of pictures. :D

Photo Credits to some of the pictures: Billy Joey Leyson

That's all for me now! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! I hope you are all having a good time celebrating. God bless us all. <3 <3

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Go Matchy-Matchy!

December 30, 2013

With all that so many fashion trends this year, I chose to wear a matchy-matchy outfit. I am not used to wear this kind of ensemble, a matching top and bottom, however, I am very glad I opted to. This should not be underestimated by anyone because it's very fashionable and a must-try. Some may say that wearing matching outfits is old-fashioned or just being over it but then it surely not. I find it awesome and I think it will not go out of style. 

The matching square-printed crop top (yes it's a crop top!) and a short is so pretty, cute, and very comfortable. I love the two triangular design on my top here. The moment I have seen this in the department store, I did not hesitated to fit and buy directly. I wore this during the second day of my Singapore trip for the very first reason that it's comfortable and I was sure it was perfect for all that walking, or even running, and riding in Universal Studios. To make it more comfortable, I wore sneakers and a cardigan. A cardigan was for the cold weather that day. Unfortunately it rained in the afternoon and thanks to this ever soft and comfy cardigan with me, I felt warmed. And to add with that, the color of my cardigan really matches with my top and bottom. Don't you think? :) To complete my whole look, I brought my Taylor chain bag which stored everything I need for that day. Quite a girl scout! *laughs*
Top and bottom: Shopaholic! | Cardigan: Black Sheep | Shoes: Converse | Bag: Mixmi

So, what do you think with this look? Any matching outfit do you have?

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Photodiary: Singapore Day 1

December 26, 2013

This a super long overdue post, but again better late than never! Haha! Last November, my workmates and I went to Singapore. It was my first ever trip abroad and I am glad I had it in this such beautiful place. Plus, my workmates slash friends are really fun to be with. Most of us were first timers, however, it made us thought of exploring Singapore even more which we did. Our itinerary were packed for each day! Very tiring but the most memorable experience of the year. Finally, we were able to escape the hassle and stress at work. *wink*

Singapore wowed me big time, not just because it was my first time, but of course of how clean the streets are, the skyscrapers, beautiful tourists spots, Enchanted Kingdom, and so on..I don't know but I just fell in love with it. I dreamed of going back there with my beloved family and of course the boyfriend. :)

Starting today I will be posting a photodiary about our trip. Please do expect in coming days, there will be more photos of us. We had our first day at Ion Orchard,  definitely a huge mall which everything luxurious brands are available. We just did a window shopping on our first day and came back on our last day. I was mesmerized with how pretty and how expensive to shop there. Those branded bags and make ups!!!
After exploring the beauty of the mall, we had a photo shoot with those prominent brands as back drop. LOL! Then, we headed to Sentosa.
In Sentosa, we were able to ride on Luge (super fun! my favorite of the day), Skyride, and Segway Fun Ride. Also, we went to the ever huge Underwater World and seen all those beautiful water creatures. Then, I won't forget the Dolphin Show. I enjoyed a lot!
 Goofing around with this SAP Family Day signage. Haha! Felt like we were part of it!
Excuse me with the face! :P

I hope the photos already did all the talking about how fun and how wonderful our first day was. And, hope you guys enjoyed this photodiary, too. 'Till on my next post! :)

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