Let's Welcome 2014!

January 1, 2014

Best way to start the new year is to greet you all my lovely readers a HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Thank you for being with me and my humble blog reading all of the randomness and rants I shared here. 2013 is the year where I somehow officially joined the world of blogging and I am happy with it. I am now a year-old of being a trying hard fashion/beauty blogger I guess. LOL! I thank you 2013 for all the memories. And now, let's welcome 2014 with a warm heart, a heart full of love, joy, and peace. May this year will be as great as 2013 or even more. Hopefully more opportunities will come for my blog. :)

Last December 29, 2013, my friends and I were able to welcome also Rafaella Adriana Langerak to the Christian world. She is the lovely daughter of my college friend Haide. We were so happy to witness as she became a Roman Catholic. May she will grow as a happy and healthy kid, and may God will guide her always. I was thinking that the Christening is a formal event and we are going to the church, that's why for my outfit I opted to wear a decent ensemble. I have no dress to wear that day so I decided to wear something that will look like a dress. I wore my printed skirt and paired it with my stretchable long sleeved top from Cotton On which I bought during my trip to Singapore. I thought this is a perfect combination as to not to show too much skin since I am already wearing a skirt. To make it more formal and lady-like, I finished my look with my new black Gibi shoes and again I used my nude Taylor chain bag.Thanks to my special someone for giving me this new shoes. Finally, I have something that suits on my small feet very well. *laughs*

What do you think with my look? Does is look like a dress already?
Top: Cotton On | Skirt: SM Department Store | Shoes: Gibi | Bag: Mixmi | Necklace: Romwomen

Now, enough with my outfit post I'd love to share with you some of the photos during the event as well together with the celebrant and my friends. :)

Welcome to the Christian world pretty Baby Raffy! <3
I'd like you to meet my friends and the lovely mother Haide (lady in blue). I am happy to be with them again. :)

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  1. Beautiful outfit, the dress looks nice on you <3


  2. cute outfit! I really like your skirt and your purse!


    1. My skirt is really pretty! Very comfy and it's kinda stretchable too. ^_^

  3. Great look! Happy New year.

    1. Happy New Year too Diana! Have a good 2014 :)

  4. adorable outfit!!! happy new year to you!


    1. Aww, thank you Dez! happy new year to you too. :)

  5. nice skirt!!

  6. great post! your blog is lovely! do you wanna follow each other?
    follow my blog and leave a comment remembering to follow back


  7. Nice spot up there! And I like the skirt :)


  8. You look so pretty! I love the pattern of the skirt :) I want a pair of those shoes too!


  9. your outfit is so nice and the shoes looks so comfy to wear.


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