March 2014 International Giveaway (CLOSED)

March 17, 2014

Hello chicas! Finally, I am back and what I have for you today is another international giveaway. It has already started few days ago but it's not too late to share. This giveaway is made possible by a lot of bloggers around the globe. And yes, I am one of them! Thank you so much to Lhyzie for inviting me. ^_^

International and local readers are welcome to join from March 8 - April 8 this year.  The winners will be announced on April 9, 2014. These lucky winners are required to contact Lhyzie within 48 hours and should email the details to with the subject of March 2014 International Giveaway Winner. She will be the one to ship your prizes. :)

Now, let's take a peek of the prizes. ^_^

1st Prize:

2nd Prize: (This set of prizes is for PHILIPPINE RESIDENT ONLY)


3rd Prize:

4th Prize:

5th Prize:

6th Prize:

7th Prize:

8th Prize:

9th Prize:

10th Prize:

Cool prizes right? Don't miss this chance and try your luck. Just follow the mechanics listed in the Rafflecopter below. Make sure you complete all the MANDATORY tasks. BEST OF LUCK chicas! *wink*

Dainty Chic by Loila L.


  1. Name: Jessica Chan ; Country: Canada ; Email Add:

  2. Name: Johanna
    Country: Colombia
    Email Add:

  3. Jessiemer ABing

  4. Wanting this! Hope to win and congratulations!

  5. congratulations for the winners!


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