AÉROPOSTALE in Ayala Center Cebu

May 12, 2014

Aéropostale has finally reached Cebu! YES, you heard it right. They opened their first branch here in Cebu last April 25, 2014. And this New York style store is located at the ground floor of the newly built expansion of Ayala Center Cebu with quite a spacious area. Looks like a greater area, means a wide range of great items to choose from!! Oh boy! Young boys and girls will surely love it!

I myself even got crazy when I heard the opening. You know what was the first thing popped on my head? This, "OMG Aéropostale! Bethany Mota's collection is at my reach!!". LOL! #FanGirlMode
 I'm such an avid fan of her. If you don't know, she's a YouTube star but I haven't seen her clothing line there yet. During my first visit, I was delighted with how cozy and fun the store is. Personally because of all those bright neon knits, floral jeans, and I must not forget, the beautiful interior! I'd like you to take a peek since I took a lot of photos as I invaded the store. :)
Shoppers can easily spot clothing for men and women. Not just that, but also shoes, sandals, caps, accessories, bags, belts, scents, etc. They have almost everything you need for a complete outfit. It's cool that they are arranged carefully inside the store.Thumbs up to that!

My hands were itching for this bag! It's so pretty. <3 <3

 Now, here comes my favorite LIVE, LOVE, DREAM section of the store. Everything in here are just so colorful and pretty. Those pink and lavender!

They even have this sports wear section!

I am so drooling with that giraffe necklace! Isn't it cute? It is quite expensive though for a necklace that I end up not buying it. I still need to save for this. The next time I visit, I think I can get this home already. Haha!

 Headbands! I personally love the star and anchor designed. It's so cute!
Which one do you like? Pick, pick! :D
LIVE, LOVE, DREAM! Fragrance for girls! 

 This is too much for a fitting room! I need that MIRROR now!! 
The designs and settings of the store is definitely a big plus. Aside from the colorful clothing, this one can tickles ones interest too, right?

Have you spotted an item or two that lingers on your mind? I bet you have. Thanks to me!Anyways, I bought two items from the store and I will include it on my haul post. So, watch out for it. 

Follow Aeropostale’s Facebook and Twitter. Visit them at the Ground Floor, Ayala Center Cebu right across Zara.

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  1. Love their product very much... and their firing room look so nice

  2. My step daughter LOVES this store, I've shopped here for her so many times lol (online). <3 GIG

  3. I'm not sure this shop is in UK but I've seen it on other Blogger's websites and would love to go into one and have a look for myself.

  4. What fun! I've never been to an Aeropostale store but I've seen some of their pieces around, very cute. Especially like their prints & fun patterns! <3 GIGLove

  5. love those shade and the turquoise knitted pullover. hope you've pick that up. :)

  6. i love the white backpack and the sandals! :) lovely store indeed!

    -from gig
    Swirls and Scribbles

  7. super love the lilac color fragrance box....and those jeans so rugged!!!

  8. Live LOve Dream fragrance...how it sense? it look attractive
    gig love

  9. We've had aeropostale here for ages! Their clothes are super cool, and rather inexpensive too... :)

  10. OMG I was aiming for that white backpack too! Love their collections <3

  11. Aeropostale clothes looks like an amazing ! I shall head down and get something for myself.. :D


  12. I did'nt know this brand but the collection looks great!
    gig love
    Travel and Fashion Tips

  13. I really like Aéropostale. They have a lot of cute pieces that are perfect for this country's weather too!

  14. I never heard of this store but it seems so cute!! I love the fitting room! And cute items *0*
    gig love <3

  15. i like the interior of this! some great clothes. the uk doesnt have this i believe

  16. Nice store! The neon knits looks very interesting. :)

  17. I've never heard about this brand. I'm sure it's not in Italy. Incredible casual style.

  18. I actually like the look of this fitting room, so original and different

  19. Wow. The entire collection looks good. I love the stud bags. I wish they have it here in my country.


  20. i love that brown bag :( soooo beautiful..
    mostly their product makes my mouth watering..
    so fantastic ! :D

  21. aeropostale is well known brand and i love its shirts!

  22. Aeropostale is on of my fave brand of clothes!

  23. Nice! aeropostale is one of my fave brands of clothes!

  24. Nice store, great collection!

  25. aeropostale store are great,love their tops and shorts so much!


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