June 16, 2014

Hello everyone! Summer has come to its end here in Philippines and the rainy season is already starting. But it was indeed the best summer ever! I had a blast during my vacation last month which I'd be sharing to you all the soonest. Woot!! :D
 Anyways, we are now in the 3rd week of June and all I can say is time flies pretty fast! Don't you think? Well, as to kick off this second half of the year, I have decided to have a monthly favorites. This is new here in Dainty Chic so I hope you like it. Truth is, I get inspired by the YouTubers I love namely Bethany Mota and Jenn Im of clothesencounters. Little shout out for both of them! They're my favorites! :D

So basically, I'd be sharing all the things I love from the previous month that can be a beauty product, a clothing, a movie, a book and etc. I would include my honest reviews too for what I love or hate about it basing on my experiences with it. Now, let's get started for the month of May shall we?

Solid Basic Cami
Last month, I got a chance to check out the first Aéropostale branch here in Cebu which is located at Ayala Center Cebu and this is what I got for myself. The store has a lot of color savailable for these but I opted for white and this warm pink one. The material of these basic camis is thick and very soft which I love most about it.Also, it has something an inner bandeau that is very useful for your chest area. If you want that no one can peek, this is what you need. And now guys here's the best thing about this, I bought this in a very much discounted price. I only got this for 295php each! Originally the price is 795php, it's such a steal! *happy kid dancing*

White Short
I love shorts. I love wearing shorts even I don't have that Miranda Kerr's kind of legs. It's a staple item in my closet. I actually got this short from BNY and honestly, I had a second thought of purchasing this not for the reason that it's not pretty but because of the color. I love white and I am afraid of getting it stained too. hence my dilemma. But since I fell in love when I saw it I ended up buying it still. Oh well, I like the simplicity of its style. Oh well it is very comfy to wear.

Bikini Cover in Crop Top
This see-through crop top cover up for summer is my fave! Wore it during my Boracay escapade and if you followed me in IG, you might seen this already. What I like it is, it is very light and it is a crop top! Loving crop tops now. Lol! Somewhat a peek-a-boo type of drama when you wear it with your sexy two-piece showing off your belly button and flat tummy, walking on the beach and having the sun kissed your skin. And oh, it's from Sunkissed!

Nivea Body Cream Extra Whitening Cell Repair & Protect
Now. lets move on to skin products. I am loving my skin even more this year that I started trying out new skin care products. And one of the products I tried is this body cream from Nivea. Been using this for almost a month now and I can say that it's good. It does moisturizes your skin and it is easily absorbed in the skin. Non-greasy I can say. However, for the whitening I am not sure yet. Will do a separate post about on my review on this product. :)

Watson's Body Scrub
Another skin care product that I tried out is this body scrub from Watson's. I don't really use a body scrub but out of curiosity I started using it. I may be late for this kind of product even :D And so far, I'm loving it. The feeling of those small beads on your skin is very nice. Like it! I actually bought this in buy one take one. I got this in strawberry citrus and cucumber. I love the smell of cucumber more that this citrus though. Now, I had my second purchase already and I promise will do a review on this. So watch out for that.

  Novel: The Mating by Nicky Charles
And the last on my list is my favorite novel as of the moment entitled The Mating by Nicky Charles (2010). I finished reading it just last month and I totally fell in love with the story. I got hooked that I am currently reading the second one, The Keeping. Actually, The Mating is one of the Nicky Charles' Law of the Lycan Series. It is followed by The Keeping, The Finding, and Bonded. As you can see, I got them all and I can't wait to finish them. The story of the book is pretty amazing, a romantic, intense, paranormal type of book. The Mating is about Elise and Kane mated to each other for political alliances which turned out to be a good love story for both of them. The end may not new, however, the story never bores me. The pain, the betrayal, alliances, loyalty, and everything in between makes it a great and exciting story. The plot is really nice. I recommend this to those who loves this kind of book. Good read indeed and no more spoiler from me :)

And that wraps up my list. I hope I get your interests and if we have the same favorites, let me know of your experiences too. Just comment down below and share this post if you like it. 'Till next chicas! *wink*

Dainty Chic by Loila L.


  1. Nice things you have,love the white short

  2. I wish we have Aeropostale here narin in the south or north metro! Or am I just outdated with the news? I love your favorites especially the books. I've been into a reading spree finishing 1 book in a day because of audiobooks! I can listen to it while driving, cooking, or even while doing the laundry :D I will search for audiobook versions of your faves! :D


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